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Windows Vista

Windows Vista allows you to go beyond e-mail and web surfing to improve personal productivity and enjoy digital entertainment. You can search for anything on your computer from virtually anywhere. You'll get improved performance and better protection for your PC, your personal information, and your family. You'll find more ways to have fun with your music, TV, games, and digital media. Windows Vista Home Premium will also help you connect to wireless networks and manage battery life.

Security features

Windows Firewall helps provide protection as soon as you turn on your computer. And Windows Defender can help you reduce the number of pop-ups and lessen the security threats posed by spyware and other unwanted software.

Enjoy home entertainment

Windows Vista Home Premium allows you to enjoy entertainment with Windows Media Center.

For instance, you only need a cable TV connection and a TV tuner card to record TV shows and watch them whenever you like with no monthly fee. You can play DVDs, download movies, and even try something different like viewing your photos in a cinematic slide show or browsing your music collection by cover art.


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